There’s always time for sewing

I’m having so much fun these days with my varied sewing projects from sewing with new and current friends in our newly formed sewing group to designing and constructing our granddaughter’s graduation dress and learning a new Korean quilting technique. I know you’re wondering how I find time for all of this sewing when I have my day job and Cool Stitches! Oh, there’s always time for sewing. 🙂 I find myself up early and excited to find I have time to sew the next step on something before my day job is looming over my head. It’s a wonderful way to start the day.

My most recent sewing discovery is Pojagi or Korean patchwork. It’s a beautiful single layer quilt technique that was used for wrapping cloths and seen in small window coverings and utility pieces. Here is a video of featuring Youngmin Lee, and pojagi artist.

You will see in Youngmin’s video she hand stitches her pieces in the traditional way. I used a machine and flat felled seam to construct mine and I love it. My piecing was off for the first piece and felt a bit chaotic. I am studying Youngmin’s work to determine a more peaceful way layout for my next ones.

I will be doing a demo of pojagi at our next FSS meeting. I love sewing with friends! It’s very heartwarming to be in a group and working on a common project. It’s wonderful to see beginners and experts gravitate to each other to assist and observe so everyone’s projects turn out nice. We are in the beginning of our group so our projects are pretty straight forward as we learn about each other and work towards more complex projects. Cool Stitches is the proud sponsor for our sewing group, an FSS chapter. As such we coordinate the venue, issue the newsletter, and help provide materials and supplies. And then Sew! Below are some of the highlights from our May Newsletter which you can find online at

Recap of FSS Meeting May 20th We had a very successful meeting on May 20th making PJ bottoms and bags. Next, we are going to give slippers and visors a try. I am sure they will be as successful as well. I have the perfect tutorial on making them and after reading over all that it entails, I think there will be no problem in getting them finished at the meeting. Your supply list is quite small and will be added to the next letter from us. Some of the more unusual products we are going to use will be bought from the money collected and will be made into kits. All you really need to do is bring your focus fabric. Patterns can be measured and cut out at the meeting.

Our next sewing meeting is Monday, June 17th We’re meeting at the Fleming Island Plantation Amenity Center at 2300 Town Center Drive, Fleming Island 32003. Meetings start at 6PM and then we sew until we’re done! Already know your plans? Click above and let us know!

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