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July seems to have gone up in a poof for me! Summers do that too. Now living in Florida, summer has really changed for me. Growing up in the midwest I daydreamed about the languid days in my approaching summer future and smiled over all my coming adventures. Summer lasted forever in my pre-adult world. Raising kids in the Pacific Northwest brought me adventure filled summer days as we played outdoors at every opportunity all through the wonderfully warm days. Then we moved to Florida for a job and I was blasted with some Africa hot months of summer. It took some time, but I came to realize a swap in activities was required in order to accommodate this oppressive heat and humidity. I now tackle my indoor projects typically saved for winter days when I was cooped up, and then explore adventures beginning sometime in October and lasting through the typical winter months. I suppose I’m like a snow bird with clipped wings since I actually suffer the summers here. Constant a/c and a sparkling pool outside my sewing room are key to my survival. A little gin and tonic with an umbrella tops it off.

This summer’s projects are focused on creating a new wardrobe for my Mom and an unscheduled sewing room overhaul. Both are just perfect for July! The overhaul has been in the back of my mind for a while because we’ve been in this one house for 18 years – and that’s a record for a military family! Most of our house-dwelling has been defined and refined by regular moves, and moving required purging and organizing. Now, 18 years later I open containers and can’t remember why project tidbits are even in them. The trigger for my overhaul came after I stopped in to a store closing for Artsy Abode – a jewelry and gift boutique in town – and discovered the Brighton display table they were unloading. I bought it on the spot. It’s 48″ x 48″ with 20 drawers and stands counter height. Of course it needed to be in the center of my studio! And the overhaul began.

I am quite pleased with my newly arranged studio with it’s pretty table and good view. There is still plenty of storage and workspace to accommodate cutting, sewing, and machine servicing! I look forward to being in there even more now – if that is even possible. Now, to add to Mom’s wardrobe. More to follow!

What I didn’t tackle was the fabric stash. It’s next – before summer ends and good weather pulls me outdoors. Key to my success will be purging. What does your sewing space look like? What is your favorite organizing method.

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