March's Love To Sew Project

Our March Love to Sew project was a great comfy cardigan that can take you easily, breezily from spring to summer. This one is in the 'Cozy' fabric option. The pattern is Charlotte by Jalie. What I like about Jalie patterns is that the range of sizes spans children's through all adult sizes you can imagine. I recommend you trace your selected size pieces onto a pattern medium of your choice. My go to options are tissue paper or a gridded lightweight interfacing.

As you may notice, this one is incomplete as I was diverted to face mask construction. That's for another story. Let's talk about some of the features that make this attractive instead!

What we love:

It has pockets! This is always a plus in my book. The pockets are square. In this fabric, it was easier to hand-sew my pockets. I became intrigued by hand sewing knit garments with Alabama Chanin, and this seemed an ideal moment to apply what I learned. It allowed me to perfectly align my pattern and take a breath with a zen activity.

The front is designed with or without closures. I am doing buttons on this version. I've opted for a lightweight stretchy interfacing to stabilize the front self-facings.

I really like the banded bottom hem. The front is designed similar to a bomber jacket with the band ending just short of the front placket. Nice touch.

Remember when you are sewing knits to check that you're using a needle for knits. This can make all the difference. I used a serger to sew my inside seams, and hand sewing for external ones. You can also use a ballpoint needle and very narrow zigzag stitch for your topstitching. Test it on scraps to get the correct stitch. If you're interested in tips for sewing with knits, check out one of my favorite sewing gurus, Jennifer Stern. 

I'll finish this version and then get going on the 'Jazzy' fabric option next! Still debating whether or not to make the cropped version. If I do, I'll have three Jalie Charlotte cardigans to where with all my bermuda shorts this spring!

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