March's Bags Totes and Organizers Project

For our March Bags Totes and Organizers project we selected a popular and very necessary item. A thread catcher. This one is designed by Debbie Brown for Plum Easy patterns titled, Uptown Debbie Brown Thread Bag and Pin Cushion.

This is the 'Cozy' fabric version and looks pretty cool! Everything was included in the project box except the craft sand I used to fill the pin cushion. It would have added to much weight to the box, but was oh, so perfect for the pin cushion. There are other filler options you may like. I happen to prefer this. I could have stopped at the pin cushion it is so nicely sized and designed!

What I love about this project is the pretty design, clever construction, clear instructions and photographs to support your project. It went together very quickly and easily. Using the oversized hooks and eyes to attach the bag to the pincushion is a nice touch. It makes it efficient to detach and empty the thread catcher. It's clumsy to do so with a heavy pincushion dangling from the bag. 

The construction of the pincushion was fun to do. Starting with strips sewn into a sqaure that is then sewn into a block almost origami style was fun to do. The tip to fill over a cookie sheet seems obvious, but in the middle of sewing I wouldn't have thought to use one. Thank you!

When constructing the bag, it is important to pay attention to the steps about leaving openings for your ribbon or you will be pulling out your seam ripper. Even if you've made a dozen bags this way, read through the directions before jumping in. :)

Did you like the scrap buster this month? I thought it was a cute little bag to use for your Easter treats and gift bags.

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