June Boxes and New Resources!

I think you're going to love your sewing projects we selected for you in the June boxes. Bags Totes and Organizers has a great pattern by Sallie Tomato that is going to be pretty useful

to everyone.

No, I'm not telling you exactly what it is because that's part of the fun of a mystery subscription box - the surprise. That's why I love packing these up every month - it's like wrapping presents. There was a little hint about the hardware in our Instagram post this month. Did you see it?

These are wonderful zippers by the yard used in Sallie Tomato bags and totes, so we have some for you. I hope you love them. They are like jewelry instead of hardware really.

Did you know: The zipper was invented in 1917, but it was initially called a "zip." At the time, a zipper was a particular type of boot that zipped closed. In American English zip refers to the sound or act of zipping, while zipper is the term for the item. In British English zip is the term used for the actual item.

You can see a video by Sallie Tomato about working with zippers by the yard by clicking here. The Bags Totes and Organizers box arrives every month. While some of the shipping delays for products have gotten better, there are still some back orders on key items for the boxes. We are waiting on 2 items and then can ship them out! We always want to make sure you receive everything in every box! July looks better, but boy these June boxes are looking great!! I can't wait to see all of your photos.

One of the things I look forward to doing each month is sewing up the projects myself. It's something I really like to do too, but I can't always have them done in time to introduce the boxes. What is the solution? I send the first box of each series to someone to test, sew, evaluate and let me know what they think of the project. Oh, and take lots of photos too. We call them testers. If you are interested in being a tester and are willing to respond in a timely manner to a healthy questionnaire, and take lots of photos - let me know with an email to debbi.gray@coolstitches.com. We have 2 each month with opening in about 3 months.

I am pleased to let you know we have finalized a couple of partnerships with fabric providers which means we can order more fabric in higher quantities at better pricing which means your projects are going to look even better.

Speaking of partnerships, when we select our projects I am looking for quality indie pattern designers who go the extra distance to provide great designs and instructions, online content supplementing the patterns, and other resources you will enjoy. It is wonderful interacting with our sewing community and learning all about the people out there doing good things. If you have a pattern company or designer you want to see in our boxes, let me know who they are. Connect us on social media! It's my mission to bring together enthusiasts, experts, and designers for the love of sewing. And I love the results when we do this together. In fact, if you pitch a design for a box - pattern, fabric, and even the free gift - and your idea is selected, I will send a free box to anyone you'd like to gift it to. What a wonderful win-win-win that is.

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