Check In & Pattern Weights

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in here. It doesn’t mean I haven’t had my imagination immersed in my studio and been daydreaming through projects. It does mean I haven’t carved out time to just sit and sew. Dang it. It really leaves me lopsided as my tactile, creative side is not being exercised very much. To help balance this, I bought fabric!! Of course! Now, before it looks like fabric bingeing, let me explain how it started.

I have been exploring up-cycling. Specifically, men’s shirts altered into interesting women’s tops. I love this idea. And I love some of the great examples I’ve found. I was ready to go with a stack of hand-me-down shirts from MVOPC, of which I like the fabrics. Note, I really like shirting, cottons, and little stripes and plaids so up-cycling men’s shirts seems like a good match for a satisfying project to me. I started with a shirt I could live without just in case my first attempt didn’t make me happy. Off I went.

The first step once I had my idea sketched was to disassemble the shirt where necessary. Oh. Yeah. Then I remembered how much I dislike alterations. It’s this first step. And all of sudden this felt like alterations. It. Is. So I fiddled around with this project for a while, slowly building up my aggravation – albeit to just a low level; but aggravation is not satisfaction.

I closed up shop for the day and went off for a good night’s sleep. All I dreamed about were sewing projects, and they weren’t altered – I mean – up-cycled shirts. Refreshed, I went to the store in the morning and bought some pretty, coordinating quilt fabrics from which I plan to make some lounge wear; a pair of PJ pants, sleeveless top and cover up tunic or robe style top.

I’ll get back to the up-cycled shirts because I have some great design ideas! I’m just warming up with some straight forward construction that requires no destruction first.

PS. What do you use for pattern weights? I use these giant nuts from McMaster-Carr. They’re a nice weight, slide easily, and I can stick my fingers in them to pick up 5 at once. I have 10 of them.

Happy sewing!!

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